Stop Floundering, Start Performing

Before spending great chunks of your hard-earned cash on consultants to help sort out your business, do what your mom taught you:

Stop. Look. Listen.

I know you're not going to spend a lot of time scrolling and scrolling to see whether this site is interesting for you.

On this page you only have to make one decision:

Do you have a problem that I can help you solve?

You've come to the right place if:

  • Your organization is under-performing
  • You're trying to change it
  • You may even be thinking about entering into a management consulting engagement to "fix" your organization at some considerable cost while you still have some of the following issues.

Some of the specific problems that may be causing your organization to under-perform include:

  • People (or, more often, organizational groupings) aren't working together effectively
  • Processes aren't well-defined or are over-defined, or aren't followed, or the business units all have different (but not very effective) ways of doing the same thing
  • Tools, solutions and services are bought on a buy-it-now basis. They don't work together well, nobody knows which one to use when, and they don't know how to use them effectively
  • Projects don't have a good way of planning or estimating, or they keep running into the same problems
  • There's no effective plan for where the organization is going or why

These problems can occur in any size organization above the solopreneur (if you can't work well with yourself, well, then ...).  Realistically I can best help you if your organization or business unit is in the 10-300 range.  If you're smaller that that, you may benefit from the training sessions or strategy days, but you probably want to talk to a true start-up specialist.  If your organization is much bigger than that, I can probably best help at the business unit level, UNLESS the top leadership is unequivocally bought into the change you want to make; you see, you can make a change locally that might not be tolerated if you try to get consensus on doing it enterprise-wide. Just get it right in your area; if it works, the others will adopt it.


The other requirement, of course, is that your organization actively wants to address its challenges ... or at least that you do.

Depending which way we are going on that, I have two main types of offering for you:

  • Custom workshops where the organization is bought in. These are fairly traditional, addressing topics such as strategies, processes, planning, estimating and budgeting, and so on.  What's not traditional, by consulting standards, is that they don't cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. I don't believe in butts-in-seats contracts and it's seldom that full-time support is truthfully full-time or productive.  We'll have some short, intensive activities, formulate a plan and then give the organization time to take those steps.  Then we engage again to address the next challenge.  You stop when you want to.
  • The Simmer System (SM) for the times when you're going to have to ease the changes in gradually, because many of the key people in the organization are likely to resist making the changes that you know are needed.  In this "stealth" approach, I'll work with you and perhaps a small group of like-minded cooperating partners in the organization to find the ways through the resistance and get the rest of the organization to require you to make the changes you wanted to make in the first place.
  • I also offer ad-hoc consulting in half-day increments. Realistically, I can't drop my other commitments for that sort of thing, although of course I will follow up with you as quickly as possible.  If you need to go this route, it's better to set up a bit of a program, so at a significant savings there is a six-pack option.

I've put a lot of information into the website about what I do, how I do it, and how you can get started working with me quickly and easily.  Since my capacity is limited, I'm not trying to sell everything to everyone.   Feel free to look over the rest of the website to get even deeper information as to what this is all about.  If you've gotten this far, we're probably a good fit.  You've got some challenges, and you'd like to start dealing with them without gambling a fortune on a solution that will disrupt the organization's operations.