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Do any of these sound  familiar? Then you've come to the right place:

  • Your organization doesn't seem interested in proper professional practices
  • Your organization just can't seem to get it right.   Confusion, rework, shifting priorities (maybe no priorities)
  • Each work group suspects the others as the main source of their daily problems.
  • You are considering a large "consulting" contract to install some management practice
  • "They" have decided on (shudders) a magic automated tool to solve all this.

Are you ready to change all that? Wouldn't it be better if your organization (or at least your part  of it)

  • Has people who cooperate and enjoy coming to work
  • Delivers well-executed products or services
  • Delivers on time, within cost, without constant re-work
  • Has customers who respect your organization

If we are on the same wavelength, use the green action button below to find out if your challenge is something we can solve together. If so, I have a dramatic guarantee for you!

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Still Don't Know If My Approach Will Work for Your Challenges?

MAYBE ... If your organization is totally squared away, I'd love to talk with you. I'm tired of writing books about how to deal with situations that aren't working. Let me give you a call so I can put you in a chapter on organizations that know what they are doing!

OTHERWISE ... you're still on the fence. That's good, if it means you aren't staring at a major malfunction, but you do have some issues you'd like to deal with. You're really wondering if I'm the right resource to help you.

It's natural to hang back. We only just now met! Here's how you can use the rest of the site to address some common concerns:

  • Does he know what he is talking about? Fair question. I've been doing this quite a while now: visit the "About" page to find out more about me personally.
  • Does the solution work?  So many fakers out there, on line and in person, in big companies and small ones. Can I really help you? Visit the "Challenges" page that discusses the types of issues I've helped others with.
  • Will it work for you?
    • As far as you being able to do it, absolutely.  Depending where you are in your journey, I can give you materials that you can read or watch and implement yourself, or I can help you kick-start the initiative and provide you with periodic checkpoints to help you overcome obstacles and keep the effort moving forward.
    • As far as the specific solution approaches go, that depends on you, you organization and your situation. I can't claim to know that before meeting you.  But I can give you an idea of what "it" is and you can decide whether the way I go about doing things would work for you and whether I can help you slide them into your organization without too much push-back. Take a look at the Resources for You  page, get some free materials and see some videos and get a better sense of how it would be to work together.  Then press the green button below to set up a discussion of whether and how we can fit what I do to help solve your situation.
  • Is it worth the investment? Until we have a chat, I don't know. It depends what the problem is and what you think it is worth to solve it. Right now you're not investing anything but some time and an email address.  Maybe you'll get the clue you need from one of the resources on the site.
  • How can you be sure? A 10x guarantee: Before allowing you to make an investment, we will specifically discuss what you think it is worth to solve the issues you are dealing with. We will agree that any solution we work on together offers at least 10x return on your investment (most will be many times that), or else we won't do it. If you implement the solution and it isn't working, you get the balance of your investment back.

If you've gotten this far, it's worth seeing whether we're a good fit.  Let's talk. (PS: on the application form, you'll find a UNIQUE guarantee that the call will not be a waste of your time).