Dealing with Obstacles

If your strategy isn’t clear to everyone, they may appear to be resisting it but in fact they may just not know what it is or how they are supposed to support it. If that is what is going on, our Strategy services can help you formulate a crisp, understandable strategy with clear benefits and responsibilities.

Unfortunately, it is also a common event that people resist change even when it would benefit them. Dr. Douglas Brown’s book “Let It Simmer” explains several of the causes for such behavior and provides a roadmap for gaining acceptance for your improvement ideas – a method that does not depend on aggressive top-level support, which many authors insist on but seldom exists in reality.

To make it work, you have to approach it from an entirely different direction that is not about the changes you want to make at all. In essence, you’ll be going undercover, working along with your rebellious peers while seeking to influence the action in the direction you want to go.

To help you take advantage of this approach, we created the Undercover Change Agent Academy, a hybrid approach that includes both self-directed learning and personal coaching.

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