Decision Integration

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What is Decision Integration all about?

In any organization, everything is connected to everything else. To deliver products and services to your customers, each piece of the organization has to be working in synchronization with the others; if any area isn’t working, everything else will be affected. Decision Integration is about seeing everything that is going on in a cohesive picture so that executives and owners can make clear decisions that are carried out.

It’s not about micromanagement, quite the opposite. Executives need to provide managers with goals and directions, and the resources to carry those out, and then manage at the level of those goals. Managers and their teams need to have the skills and then deliver to expectations, with the ability to account for flexibility in the approach or in the customer’s needs.

We have four practice areas, depending on your situation:

  • Strategy: I need to get the organization moving in a new direction (or at least move together in the same direction). “Strategy” sounds like an ivory-tower exercise and sometimes it is hard to envision what one would look like. Actually it isn’t some kind of wizardry. We coach executives and business owners on strategies for the direction in which they want to the enterprise to move, on communicating what that plan is, and on making sure it gets carried out
  • Best Practices: “We are doing OK but it is all feels somewhat makeshift. I’d like us to do things the way leading companies are doing them“. Let’s start by reviewing where you are and whether best practices are a good fit; if they are, then we can provide formal training in methods such as enterprise-scale Agile practices, formal program and project management, or business process re-engineering through Lean Six Sigma.
  • Specific Skills: “We need to close some specific skill gaps for our managers or team members“. We have rapid training modules to handle a range of typical administrative skills.
  • Obstacles: “We’ve tried everything but none of it works“. You wouldn’t be the first by any means. All too often, companies are sold on magic pills that they’re not ready for or may not even be relevant. It can take time to undo that damage! Our approach, based on Dr. Brown’s Simmer System series, provides a way of building organizational capabilities in a collaborative way rather than through mandates.
  • Business Value: The ultimate expression of the value of your business is how much someone would be willing to pay for it (even if it is not presently for sale). You need to know what your business is worth now and what you could do to make it worth what you need to achieve your objectives. Once you know that, our affiliated Business Value Booster program can help you define and accomplish that path. When the day comes, we can help you sell it though our affiliation with Transworld Business Advisors, the nation’s largest network of business brokers.

About Decision Integration LLC

Decision Integration LLC was founded in 2013 and has provided consulting services to companies and organizations in the private and public sectors. It is headquartered in Williamsburg, Virginia.

The company is certified by the US Department of Veterans Affairs and the Small Business Administration as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), as well as being similarly registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The Legal Stuff

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