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Project sourceMC-SM-01
Risk CategoryWe may run into contracting (purchasing) problems
Risk EventContract award may take much longer than we expect
Initiative Size$2 million to $10 million
IndustryIT (Information Technology solutions)
Percent cost loading0
Pct schedule loading0
Response SelectedAccept as an intentional choice
Planned Response

Deliver the contracting package well in advance of published turnaround time.
Maintain regular coordination with contracting office to check on status of action

Plan Implemented?Yes
Risk Monitoring

Regular meetings on status of action (but no way to know whether the reported status was accurate)

Risk Occurred ?Yes
Risk Event Outcome

Contract was delayed by several months, requiring us to extend the current vendor through emergency short-term action that took a lot of time away from other work. The bridge contract was at a higher rate to recognize short-term effects, yet the contractor's most-experienced workers started disappearing to other work.

Pct actual cost impact10
Pct schedule lmpact20