Thank You For Your Confidence !

Thank you for providing your information to help me determine whether I can provide you with effective assistance!

I’ll be reviewing it shortly.

If it looks like we’re going to be a good fit then I’ll be back with you soon to schedule that initial consultation, and again, it’s not a sales pitch.
My intention is to provide you with value in that first session!
Then we’ll decide what, if anything, to do next, and all I ask is that you are in fact positioned to move forward if it does seem to be valuable.

I’m not responsible for keeping anyone else employed, so I’m not going to try to force-fit an engagement unless I can do a great job helping you with what you’ve said your needs are.
If that’s the case then I’ll get back with you to let you know that and, if I know of a better fit, I’ll be happy to refer you to them.
There’ll be a lot of other opportunities to work together another time.

Looking forward to our next steps together!!

Douglas Brown
Managing Member
Decision Integration LLC