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Celebrating the launch of a new book on Risk Management: “Global Hot Spots: How Project and Enterprise Risk Management Practices Drive Business Results Around the World (Simmer System Book 4)”

Here’s the 2-minute video tour

Eight other authors from around the world discuss experiences with risk management at the project and enterprise level. The next time one of your PMs says “but we’re different”, you can answer: “more different than in, say, Russia, or Australia? Now that’s different”. Then give them this book. Because it turns out that many of the same challenges creep up no matter where you are in the world. 

You can get it from Amazon here.

You can find out how to get a free copy here

Since we are on the topic, let’s look at a few other interesting ideas from around the internet:

Gartner new risk model of value vs appetite instead of probability vs impact.  Many CIOs naturally tend towards stability, CEOs towards risk and return (sounds a bit like my earlier post WRT CIO strategic partnership).

Words are different but the structure is the same between industrial and IT risk management (and both apply largely to operations-thinking):

DuPont webinar on engaging senior leaders in risk management

In creative arts, PM risks aren’t much different either.

Are journalists adopting RM-speak? Driving your own car, risk calculations.

Financial risk – do our gut responses match our work practices?

And, at the other end of the scale, we keep hearing about risks to our critical infrastructure. Sounds scary? It is.

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