7 different ways to run a PMO, even if you didn’t plan to

I’v found myself putting together a PMO of sorts in all my last few engagements, even though none of them really called for it.  Ironically, as you will recall from my book, Let It Simmer [see below], in some of the case in my career where I was asked to run a PMO it turned […]

How to Get Innovation Going – Small Steps that Work

Few great innovations arrive with a thunderclap; they are almost always the result of many small successes. Since innovations are delivered through projects, it’s important for project managers to be aware of how innovations are coming about.  Evan Shellshear’s new book, “Innovation Tools: The most successful techniques to innovate cheaply and effectively” tells us how […]

Carl Pritchard on Leading without Authority

“Don’t give me that BS!”, says Carl, beaming. It’s a dinner meeting at the PMI chapter in Washington DC. If you’ve been a speaker at a dinner you know you’re competing with digestive systems that are trying to sloooow everything down.  That’s when you need a dynamic speaker like @CarlPritchard! [Or me. Ahem. Just sayin’] […]

As-a-service doesn’t mean abdicate

Too many people on the business and IT side alike seem to think that moving to an off-premises (cloud or “aaS”) solution will also relieve them of the obligation to think things through. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’m all in favor of cloud solutions. Until I moved it onto my own site, […]

Governance Help Blog

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