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Add your project total cost entries to the ones other people have already identified!

To add your experience, provide the basic cost information about a project and the potential cost driver (if you can think of several, note it in the Description box). Enter information for as many projects as you like, using a new form for each one.

Form entries are limited to registered users of the site and only you (well, and the admins) have the ability to edit your contribution. Nobody will see your user info. The entries are tagged to your user ID so that:

  • We know you are a registered user before letting you submit a form
  • You can come back to find the ones you submitted to edit them if you want
  • You can see which ones you’ve already done so you don’t enter them twice or miss one
  • As we add new fields that others have suggested, we’ll notify you in case you want to return to update the entries you made.

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Cost cake entries

Entry for the cost of major projects

  • Your own code for the project to help remember which one it is or where you found it. NO DUPLICATES ALLOWED.
  • Cost from concept to deployment. Should not include operating costs. Please use dollars, not $K or $M.
  • (Option) Add a sub-category, or use one that is already on the list
  • Please suggest one metric that would drive to total cost
  • Please indicate the driver metric value for this project, e.g. if the project costs were based on distance covered in km [primary metric] , the metric value might be 987 (km)
  • Calculated. Do not enter anything.
  • Please enter a number less than or equal to 120.
    Duration of project from inception to fielding (IOC)
  • Any information you can share about the project that would help indicate what it is and why it costs what it does. A link to a relevant article would be great!