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Simmering Ideas: the blog for this site. You can read it without registering.

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Book-Related Resources

First: a really cool deal. Here’s how to get paperback copies of my books for free. No, this is not one of those bogus “but you pay shipping charges” scams. This is the actual paperback book, signed by me, and delivered at no cost to you.

If you have already bought one of my books, then you have access to the forms, practical exercise and so on related to those books, plus some supplementary materials and videos as I find them and add them, at the Simmer Community website.

A real book (130pp), published as a service to frustrated project managers: Simmer Down: How to Deliver Successful Projects Despite Impossible Deadlines and Unrealistic Budgets (Kindle is free; 130pp Paperback available)

Decision Integration White Papers

Here is the first of a series of white papers on Agile Change and Transformation:


  • Contract Risk Management
  • The Simmer System Blueprint: an overview of the components of the Simmer System for achieving change in reluctant organizations.

Tools and Information Sources

Real Risk Register: crowd-sourced inputs of the nature and impacts of risk events and risk management responses people have experienced in their initiatives. Add yours!

Free spreadsheets of US Zip codes and the cities included (from SimpleMaps). Comes in handy often!

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Undercover Change Agents’ Q-Course