Management Pain Points

Introducing governance processes - or any other management processes - inherently constrains the autonomy of various players in your organization.  The trade-off is that things will be better for everyone (even, perhaps, for them) once the change has taken place. The problem is that it wouldn't be the first time that great initiatives have fizzled out, leaving everyone to pick up the pieces and go back to what they were doing before.  Until you have a stellar track record, people aren't going to be willing to give up what they have now to get what you are promising for the future.  Instead, look for ways you can help relieve a current problem that they'd like help with now, and in doing so you can set one of the pieces of your solution in place. (My books explore this concept in greater detail).

When you're selling the solutions, put the pain point first.  You're the only one who needs to know that your solution complies with some framework or other. But, since you're probably a professional trained in one or more of these areas, we're listing them here so you can find how to position our offerings.

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