Consultation Application

Thank you for having the initial confidence that I may be of service to you.  As noted on the previous page, I want to make sure that you can 10x your investment in any support you obtain from me. That way you’ll be satisfied with the investment, and it will be worth my time to support it.

Please complete the form so I can evaluate whether I’m even the right person to help you in your goals. If so, we can schedule an initial, no-obligations call to confirm how we might be able to work together.  Then here is how the process would work:

  1. You complete the application form
  2. I’ll use that information to see whether I’m going to be able to help you. If not, I’ll refer you to someone who might be more suitable.
  3. If I think I can help you, we’ll have a short, no-obligations chat to make sure we are on the same page. If it’s a simple matter, we may be able to resolve it in this call.
  4. If we decide to set up a more extended appointment, you make the appointment and pay the fee.
  5. We have our first 30-minute consulting call. See the guarantee below: one way or another, you wil receive value from this call!
  6. We decide on an appropriate plan for going forward – or not.


On the home page I mentioned a UNIQUE guarantee. Here it is: as long as you do make an effort to engage during the initial consultation call, then if you decide that it was not worth your time, I will pay you. That’s right, I will pay you $100 for your time, because I will certainly learn something from you during the 30-minute call.

Obviously, I can’t have thousands of people signing up for initial interviews so they can say it wasn’t worth it and make $100. I also can’t spend hours preparing some initial thoughts on the challenges in front of you and blocking time out of my schedule for calls that never happen. So, after reviewing your application to make sure that I can help you, and after a brief confirmation call with you prior to setting up the actual appointment, the initial consultation fee is paid when you schedule the actual call.  As long as the consultation happens (with up to 2 reschedules, because I know things do come up), and as long as we have a reasonable engagement on the call, then if at the end of that call you tell me that it was not a good use of your time and why not (i.e. what did you expect to get out of it that you did not) then I will immediately and without question refund you an additional $100 to compensate you for the time you took to educate me for an hour. The only thing that I will ask is that you post a comment on the Decision Integration website confirming that we agreed that I would not be able to help you and you received this guaranteed double refund.

Again, I ask for the initial fee only after reviewing the application form to see if there is even any value in continuing AND after a brief chat with you. Maybe your challenge gets resolved in those 15 minutes (it happens!) For going forward into more detail, you can always decide not to pay the application fee and not to schedule the call.

[If you are in the EU: I do collect your email address in this process.  I will use it to contact you with regard to the initial appointment and  any additional interactions we agree on. I will also use it to send you periodic e-mail-based newsletters from which you may decide to opt out, even if you continue as a consultation client, or you may decide to continue to receive even if you are not a consulting client].

So here is the form:

Consultation Application

Please complete this form so that I can determine whether I would be able to assist you in removing the barriers to achieving your objectives
  • Please enter your role or position in your organization
  • Please indicate your 3 key objectives or initiatives for the coming 12 months
    Add a new row
  • Please explain the primary barriers to achieving your objectives or completing your initiaitves
  • So that I know roughly what time zone you are in, please select the country (and in the next box, the state if applicable) where you actually work
  • If you work in the US or Canada, please indicate the state or province
  • So that I know the scale and complexity of the organization, please enter the annual discretionary budget (i.e not counting salary, rent etc.) of the business unit we may be working with to solve the barrier problems.
  • So that I understand the scale and complexity of the situation, please indicate the number of employees in the business units that are experiencing the barriers we will be working on