How do we work together?

My preferred mode of providing support is in bite-sized increments.  Once I can prove my value to you, you'll come back for more.

That approach means we can get to work with minimal purchasing process hassles: services are scoped to come within the range of the average corporate credit card.

Don't you hate it when you have to sift through pages and pages looking to see if you are even in the ballpark for affordability, and then you still have to call the vendor to find out how much their services might cost? And then they still give you this fog.  Of course there are some basic terms and conditions, but I hope you'll agree that this is a very clear rate sheet:

Federal GPC / others
Jump-Starter Custom Workshop
$ 4000 *

Half-day pre-planning with you

Half-day preparation of materials

Full day (6 hours) strategy session

Half-day post-session write-up

Wrap-up meeting with you to confirm your action plan

Simmer System(SM) Half-Day Workshop
$ 2800

Pre-session planning phone call

Structured material - no pre-work

6-hour workshop on Simmer System topic

Confidential structured post-report

Wrap-up meeting with you to confirm your action plan

6-month Strategic Subscription

30-minute consultation call each week

Two half-day consults during period

Two Jump-Starter Custom workshops

Ad-hoc Consultation Sessions
$ 1000

Ad hoc consultation with minimal prior preparation

6-month ad-hoc advisory support
$ 3000
6-month period

Up to one 30-minute call per week

Three half-day ad-hoc consultation sessions during the 6-month period

Pricing notes:

  • Federal discount: workshops are reduced to Federal GPC maximum for micropurchase transaction
  • Simmer System(SM) workshops are less expensive because the material is delivered as-is, with no commitment to customizing for the workshop other than minor tailoring to the environment and handling Q&A. [Find out more about the various types of Simmer System workshops available].
  • 6-month Strategic Subscription.  Federal agencies note: you cannot treat each of these monthly fees as a micro-purchase.
  • 6-month ad-hoc advisory support. This is paid for up front and, since it is under $3300, Federal agencies can buy this package as a micropurchase on GPC.



Well, OK, there are some administrative details (travel, late fees, etc.); here's the scoop on that.

For government agencies or prime contractors who would like to use us for larger-scale engagements, we are a Virginia-based small business, owned by a Vietnam-era veteran.  As such we have no special protected status.  But we can serve as a small-business partner to fill the gap in the 50% of the typical small business participation quotas that is not restricted to protected businesses.

See our Federal administrative information (SAMS, NAICS codes)