Federal Contract Info

For government agencies or prime contractors who would like support on longer-term or more intensive engagements, yes, Decision Integration LLC is a Virginia-based small business, owned by a Vietnam-era veteran.

As such, there's no socio-economic status.  But I can serve as a small-business partner to fill the gap in the remaining 50% of the typical small business participation quotas that is not restricted to protected businesses.


DUNS: 079-139-539



541512 Computer System Design Services
541611 Administrative and General Consulting
541612 Human Resource Consulting
541614 Process Management and Logistics
541618 Other Management Services (utility consulting)
541620 Environmental Consulting
541690 Other Science and Technical Consulting (economic analysis)
541720 R&D in Social Science (surveys, market analysis)
611420 Computer Training
611430 Professional and Management Training.