Collaborative Improvement Course

Collaborative Improvement Masterclass

Making an improvement means making a change. It's common wisdom that people don't like change.  Actually, people don't mind change.  They do it all the time.  What they don't like is being changed.

The Simmer System provides proven methods for working with your colleagues to get them to implement the very changes in behavior that they have resisted in the past. The workshops offered as part of the Simmer System family openly come into your workplace to help implement some of these collaborative ventures. Sometimes, that's not a practical answer.  If your proposed change appears to be likely to cut into other managers' prerogatives or discretionary funding, they're not going to participate in a workshop to help you do that.  Then you're going to have to be a bit more discreet in your approach, and you're not going to get much insider help.

That's where the Masterclass comes in.  It's on-line, providing the tools and support you'll need, but it's also live (although online), to provide you with the interaction and reinforcement you need to work through the challenge of getting your colleagues to do something that they need to do but don't want to - without your colleagues listening in. Instead, you'll have a supportive community of instructors and fellow managers dealing with the same issues in different contexts. That's the way to find out what's really working!


Before the live course is launched, and charging students an appropriate fee for it, I want to make sure that my impressions of what is most needed are on target. If you'd like to share your ideas on what should be in such a course, and participate in the beta version (with of course appropriate recognition for your contributions) please contact me for a brief (15-20 minute) market survey discussion.