Laser Treatment Consulting for Organizational Challenges

Is a “transformation” really needed?

Have you been burned with expensive “transformation” efforts that went nowhere after spending a ton of money and effort over a couple of years?

Your more pressing organizational challenges can be solved with the people, money and information resources you already have. They’ll have to be, because even if you have the money, you’re having the problem right now. You can’t wait 24-36 months to try and start a culture change before you can get actual progress. (If you can, you’re not really having a problem).

For some clients, adopting a new and industry-leading set of best practices is the way to go to optimize performance and, well, become an industry leader. If your challenge is under-performance, under-delivery, over-scheduling, and so, on, that’s not your goal. You just want to stop the madness.

Your organization needs bite-size chunks so they can swallow change rather than choking on it.

Unlimited Laser Consulting

It sounds kind of complicated but it’s really simple:

  • Unlimited: that’s right. You can set up a consulting discussion with me whenever you like, subject to my availability, on one condition. Whatever actions we agreed to in the previous meeting, you have completed (unless you’re stuck and need some tips on how to complete it). [You can also ask questions etc. via email]
  • Laser: 15 minutes. Focused questions, focused answers,  specific action steps.
  • Consulting: I’m not doing it for you. If you’re used to having a “consultant” who is really a contractor working by the hour and the more the better, then welcome to the real thing. I’m helping you work out how to get it done. During those hours between calls and emails, you (or your staff and contractors) are taking the action we agreed was needed.

How does it work?

First, we assess the situation to make sure laser consulting will be a good fit for your challenge (please schedule a call here).

If so, you we begin the program with a longer 30-60 minute session to establish specific goals for the next 90 and 180 days. If we determine during the call that I can’t help you, I refund any fee you’ve paid until that date. Otherwise, you elect to join the program.

You will get a link that you can use for the next year to schedule 15 minute “Get It Done!” coaching sessions with me. During each session, we will discuss your progress and blockers, and determine what you need to do.

You can sign up for your next session as soon as you’ve finished your homework from the session we just had.

After 6 months we have another full 60-minute session to review the plan to adjust the approach based on where we are then (yes, we can adjust in between if needed).

You have one full year to get on the phone with me for as many sessions as it takes to “Get It Done!” and reach your goal.

Then you’re happy, and I am happy because I helped you achieve your goal (and you’re likely to give me a nice recommendation so I can help someone else).