Ways We Can Work With You

I have two main ways for working with you (you can have both at once, if you want). To be honest, I'm a get-'er-done sort of person, not a long-term maintainer.

I help you solve specific problems; the solution won't work if your staff cannot keep it going afterwards. The best way to do this is with bite-sized increments they can digest.  If you're happy with the outcome, you'll come back when the time is right. That approach means we can get to work with minimal purchasing process hassles: services are scoped to come within the range of the average corporate credit card.

(Been here before? Cut to the chase? Here's the pricing page).

Staff augmentation? No deal. I don't believe those contracts are in your best interest, as they just incentivize people to find reasons to bill you for all their time, and it would stop me from doing all the other things I have going on. So here's how I can help you:

Support for You

I can help you plan and execute your initiative. Sometimes, it’s best that you remain front-and-center, and it’s not necessary for anyone to know whether you’re getting help from me or not. If you’re facing internal resistance, a group workshop is just going to implode on you: practice your coping skills and voice your concerns in an environment that isn’t going to bite you.

  • Join the unlimited laser consultation program (if I have open spots)
  • Book individual consultations as you go.
  • Join in a external workshop program where you meet peers from other organizations to learn and practice the topics that the workshop covers. This is extremely useful in those situations where you do not want to try out your skills for the first time in front of your colleagues in your actual working organization.
  • The Undercover Change Agent Q-Course, an interactive experience with fellow professionals to learn how to implement needed changes in the face of strong organizational resistance. Obviously, you can’t have this one as an in-house training!

Support for Your Team

If you want a more immersive experience to jump-start (or revitalize) your initiative, and your team is amenable to change, things will go faster if we get everyone on the same page and have them participate in shaping things. Workshops are a great way to do that, and you can insert one to kick off each major step of the journey. There is a range of training options to suit the scale of the challenge you are trying to resolve

  • The Collaborative Implementation Workshop, an integrated training course with l, ive instruction/coaching sessions to guide you via the Simmer System to introduce an actual change in your organization. A great savings over the module-by-module approach AND it offers live instruction/coaching.
  • Simmer System Workshops, structured (non-custom) training to explore specific aspects of the Simmer System. Conducted in person or, if that is not feasible, live but on-line
  • More intensive and highly-tailored workshops to solve specific problems in your organization such as risk management, portfolio management etc. If you need to bring your team up to speed on a specific topic, contact me and we’ll work something out. If I don’t know about that topic, I’ll try and point you to one of my professional colleagues who does.

If you’re not sure what help you need, or you just prefer to speak with a human person, please leave a message and you will get a call back within 24 hours, or call me at 202-314-5199.