How I Help You

I work with you in one of two ways (you can have both at once, if you want):

  • Individual consulting to help you plan and execute your initiative. Sometimes, it's best that  you remain front-and-center, and it's not necessary for anyone to know whether you're getting help from me or not.
  • Formal training or workshops for you and your organization on particular topics.

Where's the long-term contract where I basically serve as a member of your staff? That's not on offer. I don't believe those contracts are in your best interest, as they just incentivize people to find reasons to bill you for all their time. It would force me to stop doing all the other things I have going on, which I enjoy doing.

And, to be honest, I'm a doer, not a maintainer. Let me help you solve specific problems; let your staff do their jobs and maintain your business processes once you've got them working again. My preferred mode of providing support is in bite-sized increments.  If you're happy with the outcome, you'll come back when the time is right.

That approach means we can get to work with minimal purchasing process hassles: services are scoped to come within the range of the average corporate credit card.

  • If you're looking for support to you directly, rather than your entire team, you could join the unlimited laser consultation program (if I have open spots), or you can book individual consultations as you go.
  • You can join in a external workshop program where you meet peers from other organizations to learn and practice the topics that the workshop covers. This is extremely useful in those situations where you do not want to try out your skills for the first time in front of your colleagues in your actual working organization.
  • If you think your colleagues really are ready to start working together towards an objective, then we can do focused team workshops to accomplish each major step of the journey.

If you're not sure what help you need, or you just prefer to speak with a human person, please leave a message and you will get a call back within 24 hours, or call me at 202-314-5199.