5 bumps you may encounter in the cloud

Cloud advocates want you to believe that you can resolve all your business challenges (let alone just your IT challenges) by moving to the cloud.  Sure, as a buyer, you’re going to exercise a degree of skepticism; but if everyone’s doing it, how can you go wrong?  Just like a real cloud journey, there are […]

Going to the cloud may not be the cure for your headaches

There is a common perception that after you make the move “to the cloud” your life will be simple, carefree and inexpensive. And so it will. If it already was simple, carefree and inexpensive. If you are being sold this vision as the cure for your chaotic business, you’d better get ready to break out […]

As-a-service doesn’t mean abdicate

Too many people on the business and IT side alike seem to think that moving to an off-premises (cloud or “aaS”) solution will also relieve them of the obligation to think things through. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’m all in favor of cloud solutions. Until I moved it onto my own site, […]